Turf & Artificial Grass

Turf and artificial grass installation.


The use of both natural turf and artificial turf can be used to great benefit in the completion of a garden space. Both have their merits either in terms of providing a low maintenance theme or helping the creation of a more natural or wild life friendly space!


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Natural turf:

Modern generation grass have helped provide hard wearing, weed free fully cultivated turf products.  The turf products we use at MDC Landscapes contain a mixture of grasses including varieties which are fine leafed and provide good turf colour all year round. They also have a high level of disease resistance and are hard wearing, so to tolerate heavy foot traffic. Also in the mix are grass varieties which provide good tensile strength to improve further its hard wearing characteristics, whereas the fine Fescue grasses which are used, provide a great filler between the two other hard wearing grasses, to give the lawn a well balanced fine textured look.

Soil preparation is the key to a new lawns success and longevity. Here at MDC Landscapes we ensure the ground is prepared in such a way as to encourage deep, rapid rooting. The correct depth of soil with the correct structure will ensure that the grass roots penetrate evenly and deeply. This will make the lawn more drought resistant, a more efficient water and nutrient user and will lead to a denser sward of grass plants which helps to crowd out weeds and gives a more visually appealing lawn.

Artificial Grass:

The range of artificial turf products on offer today have developed considerably since the early days of synthetic grasses. Today’s products are guaranteed against colour fade and breakdown and can have a life expectancy between 15 and 20 years. At MDC landscapes we are confident that the range of products on offer is such, we are sure we are able to cater to the tastes and budget of everyone.

Perfect for areas where it is impossible to grow a natural lawn, artificial turf can really enhance your property, providing an area that is virtually indistinguishable from grass and able to stand up to heavy use, such as in sports, whilst requiring no irrigation or trimming.

Our installation team can provide you with a high quality area which can be perfect for safe play environments for children, either in your own garden or school, as well as providing the finishing touches to a business or even a balcony.

We are able to provide free samples upon request and our team will forward all proposals, highlighted through concept drawings, material samples and all the consultation you need, until you are happy with the outcome!