Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping.


The real beauty of a garden design or space is never truly appreciated until the installation of soft landscaping materials, including herbaceous and perennial plants, trees, shrubs, soil or turf. Soft landscaping will bring a garden to life and should be done correctly to incorporate design principles of texture, movement, height, structure, colour, being beneficial to wildlife and providing seasonal interest!


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Plant location & stock:

The design and layout of a planting scheme depends upon personnel preference, but it is essential that plants are chosen to suit the conditions in your own garden taking into account factors which include, soil PH, structure, aspect and drainage. In order to thrive each plant must be chosen to suit its exact location within your garden.

Planting principles including orderly, drift, random and group planting will all determine the styling of a scheme. Planting styles can include Formal, Informal, English garden, Modern/Contemporary, Low maintenance and Cottage garden.

With our sound horticultural background and through our relationships with our suppliers, you can be assured that the quality of stock of your trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, grasses, herbs, fruit trees and water plants are of a high standard and at a cost effective price.

As part of our soft landscape service we provide:

• Aquatic plants
• Composting
• Hedging
• Herbaceous and new bed creations
• Mulching
• Screening plants
• Semi to mature tree planting
• Shrub border regeneration
• Soil improvement
• Shrubs, perennials and climber planting
• Specimens
• Topsoils & subsoils
• Turfing & seeding
• Wild flowers & bulbs