Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting & Pruning.


Shrubs help create mass and structure within a garden or landscaped space, so it is important to keep them healthy and in good form with regular pruning. In turn this will help improve a plants shape and encourage the growth of flower and fruits.


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As part of our pruning service we provide:


  • Young shrub pruning to establish shape and encourage vigorous growth.

  • Rejuvenating pruning works which involves the removal of dead or diseased wood or cut back to encourage new growth.

  • Coppicing which involves the cutting down to near ground level of a species of tree or shrub within a maintained cycle of time, maintaining the species at a juvenile stage ensuring it does not die of old age.

  • Topiary pruning which is the art of clipping shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes.


Hedge cutting:

As part of our hedge cutting service we provide, formal and informal cutting and trimming techniques to keep the hedge dense and compact, as well as both hedge topping and reductions.