Design & Planning

First class design services!


As a company we offer a truly bespoke landscape design package and build. We are committed to providing a first class service to all of our residential and commercial customers through no obligation site visits, idea gathering and one on one support, throughout the entire process.


Landscape design


The consultation and design process:

We will visit your home or business and conduct a detailed site survey taking into account several key factors. Soil condition, light aspect, imposing structures or features, privacy and use, will all be evaluated in order to provide a working solution. Most importantly the style and age of the property must also be accounted for in order for us to forward a complementary design. We will then talk through any ideas on styling or requirements you may have, and forward our own suggestions as to how we believe your space can be utilised to the best of its ability with your needs in mind.

The styling of a landscape project will depend upon a clients personnel preference and the look and feel of their premises. Style options can include:

Formal Style: 

Depends heavily on straight lines and geometrical shapes. The plantings are orderly and neatly pruned to maintain their formal effect.

Informal Style: 

The exact opposite of the formal style. A more relaxed feel is achieved by using curved lines and irregular shapes. The plantings are massed in a more informal manner creating a naturalistic appearance.

English garden:

Consists of an orderly and balanced arrangement of masses of flowers, shrubs and trees, following British traditions or style.


Relies on clean lines, smooth and polished surfaces, and few intricate details. It is not stark and cold, but comfortable and spacious, without clutter.

Our design team will forward all proposals, highlighted through concept drawings, planting plans, construction drawings, computer aided designs,  material samples, detailed notes and all the consultation you need, until you are happy with the outcome!